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Milliken's Bend - Honoring the contributions of black soldiers during the Civil War
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New York Weekly-Day Book Newspaper
White Men Must Rule America!
Saturday, February 20, 1864

The NEW YORK DAY-BOOK  is an independent Democratic journal, holding, with the late Senator Douglas, that "this Government is made on the white basis, by white men, for the benefit of white men and their posterity forever." It grapples boldly with the real question before the American People, and presents the only philosophy of it which can resist the sweeping march of Abolitionism and restore the glorious Union of our fathers.

To all who believe The Day-Book will be instrumental in tearing the scales from the eyes of any now blinded by Abolitionism, and aid in restoring Peace, fraternity and Re-Union, we appeal for aid in extending its circulation. The enlarged sheet nearly doubles our expenses.

The Day-Book will, in the future, as in the past, never swerve, either through fear or favor, from a defense of the rights of the People, and a steady and relentless opposition to every form of tyranny, and more especially to that peculiar phase of it which, under the pretense of conferring an impossible freedom on negroes, seeks to rivet the chains of real slavery upon white men.


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