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The New York Herald Tribune
The Fort Pillow Massacre
Washington, Monday, May 2, 1864


The captain of Company C was on leave of absence at Memphis,consequently he is safe. The first lieutenant, Company C, John D. Hill, waskilled early in the morning. The second lieutenant, Company C, F. McClure,is wounded and prisoner.  The captain of Company D,  Delos Carson, was takenprisoner, as far as we have heard, and was shot two miles out from FortPillow, because he acknowledged to be a captain of  a colored company.

The lst sergeant of Company D, Melville Jenks, was shot while bearing a flag of truce to the Rebels, in token of his and his squad of men's surrender. He had got nearly up to them before they fired on him, then they murdered the squad of men that had thrown down their arms. The whole number killed will exceed 250; all but about 75 or 100 were murdered in cold blood after they were overpowered. They never surrendered, as has been published , but were taken by storm, fighting until completely crowded out of the little fort by the Rebels coming in.



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