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Growth Of Colored Regiments
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The Third Colored Regiment, encamped at CampWilliam Penn, has been full since the 24th of July.  The roster, however, is yet incomplete, owing to the care taken by Govenment in selecting the officers to take charge of the men. Scores here presented themselves, yet many have been rejected. At the present time there have been placed on the list of officers a colonel and major, adjuctant and quartermaster, and about half of the liteutenants necessary to complete the roster for this regiment. The expense of the Boston regiment. Subordination has been a marked characteristic of the colored tropps. Already another regiment has been started, the ranks of which are fast filling up, two companies having been completed, and the third having been partially filled. The Government is also much interested in this movement, a vigilant eye being kept over all the interests of colored regiments. Large numbers are offering themselves weekly at the headquart! ers for admission into their ranks, and the prospect of an increased number of colored regiments is very encouraging.

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