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I Can't Help Dat
Taint My Fault



I Can't Help Dat, Taint My Fault
To Anybody
Written by Somebody
Sung by Everybody
Composed by Nobody

Transcribed Lyrics


De white folks say, dis mity fuss; Am gittin wuss and bigger,
An sum folks dy am mad enuff To say it am de Nigger,
An if it am I, can't help dat, De white folks sot de triggers;
An now becase dar e han's am full, Dey's down on all the Niggers

Chorus: But I can't help dat! 'Taint my fault; You kin plainly see, De
More dis war dey prosycute De wuss it am for me. (twice)


Its nuff to make a Nigger laff,
Or make fun ob his Mudder,
De Souf it wants de biggest haff.
De Norf it wants de todder,
An 'tween de two dey bofe will pull
An' end dar foolish scuffin,'
Till arter while dey'll die dey selves,
De Nigger won't be Nuffin'. Chorus. Den, I cant &c.


Ibe libed fur more dan forty years,
An' nebber seed a trubble;
An' sum folks days de Niggers Am
De issue ob de Debbil,
Bekase dey's black an' some am free,
As any in the Nashun,
An' some ob dem will smell a Mice,
In de bill ob Confiscashun. Chorus. But, I cant &c.


An' sum folks sed Oh! Who'd a thought
When fust dey made de figgers;
Dat all de Norf an' all the Souf,
Would fuss about de Niggers;
Up in de Norf dey sets em' free,
An' ef dey set all Niggers free,
Whar is dy gwine to send em.' Chorus. For, I cant &c.


De Demmycrats de best man out,
Deys settin in de saddle,
Bofe Norf and Souf am' waitin dar,
Dey'll make dem bofe "Skiddadle,"
Dey'll take Secesh and Bobolish.
I bet my hat dey'll clean 'em,
Dey'll hang em' up bofe side and side,
An' de Nigger in atween em.' Chorus, But, I cant &c.


I duzzent hab to go to war
To hear de cannon rattle;
Dey draf de white folks in de Norf
An' makes dem go to battle,
De white folks use to put on ars,
An' cut tremendgus figgers,
De Niggers wished dat dey wor white,
De whites wish dey wor Niggers. Chorus. Kase, I cant &c.


Dar'ain't no use tu singin'more,
Dis thing aint no delusionb,
De Democrats will build a "Ram"
Called "Union, Constitushun,"
She'll run up Norf an' run down Souf,
Wharever Peace will send her,
Oh! May she ever, gaily float,
An' Hebben's blessin's tend her. Chorus. For, I cant help dat.



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